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Corporate Governance - Highlights

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It is the policy of Berry Global Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries to conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical, moral, and legal standards. In so doing, Berry Global will conduct its business efficiently, in good faith, with due care, and in the best interest of the Company, its employees, and its shareholders.

Complaints or concerns related to accounting, auditing, internal controls, financial reporting, or any other ethical matters may be submitted through Berry Global's alertline (888-307-2815 or Where allowed, such concerns may be reported anonymously and confidentially. For additional information and international dialing instructions, see our Code of Business Ethics.

Governance Documents
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationCorporate Governance Guidelines
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationCode of Business Ethics
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationCertification and Supplemental Code of Ethics
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationShare Ownership Guidelines
Committee Charters
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationAudit Committee Charter
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationCompensation Committee Charter
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationNominating and Governance Charter

Contact the Board

Berry Global has approved a process to enable communications with the members of the Board of Directors. Communications should be sent to:

Mail: Board of Directors
c/o The General Counsel
Berry Global Group, Inc.
PO Box 959
Evansville, IN 47706

Berry Global's General Counsel, or such other person as appointed by him, will review each communication received in accordance with this process to determine whether the communication requires immediate action. The General Counsel, or his delegatee, will forward all appropriate communications received, or a summary of such communications, to the appropriate member(s) of the Board of Directors. However, Berry Plastics reserves the right to disregard any communication that the General Counsel, or his delegatee, determines is unduly hostile, threatening, or illegal, does not reasonably relate to us or our business, or is similarly inappropriate. The General Counsel, or his delegatee, has the authority to disregard any inappropriate communications or to take other appropriate actions with respect to any such inappropriate communications.